Hospice Philosophy

  • Wednesday, Jan 1, 2020

Most are surprised to learn hospice is far more about living than dying, and that it does NOT equal giving up hope. Hope is beautiful, and in hospice, we learn the wishes of the patient and family as they realize there’s so much they hope for. The hospice philosophy is to provide an environment which promotes quality so an individual can live out life on their own terms with peace of mind and respect. What someone desires is individual and can be as simple as: controlling symptoms; being comfortable; worrying less; spending time with family; attending a major celebration; or traveling to a sentimental location.

Hospice is unique in several ways. The focus isn’t just on the patient, but support is given to family as well. Some doctors and healthcare focus on the disease to the point the person is forgotten. Hospice, instead, is holistic which means we treat the whole individual- taking into account clinical/physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs. Therefore, in hospice, it takes a team! Our team is composed of professionals in each specialty that can address each of these needs of the patient as a whole.

“The end of life can be and should be beautiful. Life is like a rainbow, the end can be just as beautiful as the beginning. - quote from founder”

Hospice is a philosophy of care that accepts dying as a natural part of life. The goal is to maximize support so patients may live as fully as possible. And to do so, the team works collaboratively with patients and families to meet the needs they help design. Hospice is a comprehensive care model that, in an ideal world, all healthcare would follow. We care for the patient as a whole being and not just on a clinical/disease level; therefore, our philosophy embodies a celebration of life itself.