Medicare Hospice Coverage

  • Wednesday, Jan 1, 2020

There are many benefits to take advantage of while on hospice care. You may decide to utilize all the benefits or just a few. It is your decision to make. The majority of hospice patients utilize the Medicare benefit, which is covered at 100% and include:

  • The Hospice team - The most important benefit of hospice is the trained staff members, including a Hospice Physician, Nursing staff, Certified Nurse Assistant, Social Worker and the Spiritual Care Coordinator. Although, these are the primary staff members, there are many other team members to assure you are receiving the best care.

  • Respite care - this may be utilized when the primary caregiver is exhausted or overwhelmed caring for their loved one and needs a short-term break (5 consecutive days). Respite care must be provided in a licensed Medicare certified facility.

  • DME (Durable medical equipment) - Each patient’s needs for equipment will vary. The hospice case manager will assist you in determining what is appropriate. Equipment may include: hospital bed, shower chair, wheelchair, walker, or oxygen.

  • Medical Supplies - Medical supplies are covered, and depending on each patient’s need may include: briefs, bandages, or catheters.

  • Medications - medications related to the terminal illness and related diagnoses that the hospice physician deem medically necessary are included.

  • Bereavement Care - bereavement does not just occur once someone passes. Our hearts are heavy imagining “what’s to come.” We have trained staff to support close families, caregivers, and friends in the grieving process at the start of hospice care and at least 1 year following the passing of your loved one.