Resources for Healthcare Providers

  • Wednesday, Jan 1, 2020

It’s not always easy to have the conversation about hospice, so we have gathered resources to help. Below are resources for yourself as healthcare professonals as well as resources for your patients and families that you can use to help in these conversations.

Hospice’s Frequently Asked Questions

Common Hospice Myths

Hospice Philosophy

Home Health vs. Hospice and the Hospice Benefit

Medicare’s Hospice Benefit and Coverage

About Hospice Team Members and Roles

Resources for Healthcare Providers

There’s a lot of negative misconceptions about hospice. These misconceptions unfortunately strip patients and families of the opportunity to get the wonderful benefits hospice care provides.

We know it is an uphill battle, but we hope to shift the ideas of what hospice is to closer to the truth. As healthcare providers, you play an essential role.